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Search Engine Optimization Thailand Meet

A while ago I wrote a post called Seo Bangkok which was about the search engine optimization I have been trying to do here in Thailand. At the time of writing that post the page rank of Bangkokbaby was PR1. But later after Google completed its update Bangkokbaby got PR4. Bangkok Boy (Sunny) wanted to learn more about search engine optimization and was actively browsing through webmaster boards like Digital Point and came across a post from SEO Bangkok about having a meeting at Bangkok on search engine optimization. So here is what Sunny says about the seo meeting.
To make the story short, we had our first meeting on search engine optimization here in Thailand at Star Bucks, Thanon Lang Suan at Bangkok. To my pleasant surprise there were about 15 people and many of them were Thai webmasters. Everyone looked pretty happy. This meeting was more of getting to know each other than a technical one. But I could see the Thai webmasters from Seobangkok.com giving some valuable tips to his fellow webmasters. I met William from amwso.com who explained the merits of affiliate marketing over google adsense. I could also here, some of my western webmaster friends sharing their experiences about search engine optimization and google adsense.

Photos from Bangkok Seo Meet
Search Engine Optimization Thailand

Seo Meet

Search Engine Optimization

Big thanks to the seoBangkok team for organizing the meeting. I hope we will have more such meetings on search engine optimization in Thailand in the near future.
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7 Responses to “Search Engine Optimization Thailand Meet”

  1. NNG Says:

    OMG!! Next time please tell me. I can’t wait!!

  2. Chris Says:

    Sounds like it was a good event and I hope I’ll be in Bangkok for the next one.

  3. Chris Osborne Says:


    It was great to meet you, I hope we can set up another meeting soon and hopefully go more into the techniqnical aspects of marketing, branding and SEO on-line.


  4. Chad Klingensmith Says:

    Hey there

    So you are starting up SEO services in Thailand ehh? Good for you. I run a small SEO firm and I visited Thailand a year ago. I spent about a week and half in Bangkok, a month in Chaing Mai and almost 6 weeks in Phuket. I went to Thailand to study Muay Thai (I’m a pro MMA fighter) but I did SEO on the side to pay the bills.

    Just want to say good luck with your venture.


  5. Daniel Says:

    Hi there,

    Good to see a community of SEO people in Bangkok. Please let me know the next time you guys meet. I am currently down on Koh Phangan optimizing a real estate site but am moving back to Bangkok in April.

    When is the next meeting?



  6. Andre Says:

    made a new post about the new meeting if you know when its going to be tell everyone :)

    I also linked to this blog


  7. Webhosting Directory Says:

    It seems there is a secret society of SEOs in Bangkok. Maybe next you guys could meet up at Siam Paragon.

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